Glaucoma Treatments

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Available at our Stockton, Tracy & Lodi locations, glaucoma treatments may include eye drops, laser surgery or microsurgery.

Prescription eye drops are often the first step to treating glaucoma. There are many different kinds of eye drops that can be used. Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions to avoid added damage to the optic nerve.

  • Prostaglandins are to treat open-angle glaucoma. These relax muscles in the eye’s interior, allowing for better outflow of fluids, and reduce eye pressure build up.
  • Beta-Blockers are used in conjunction with Prostaglandins. Beta-blockers decrease aqueous fluid production in the eye. These have been known to have adverse side effects for those with heart problems, emphysema, and diabetes. Side effects reported are stinging and burning during application and lightening or curling of the lashes.
  • Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors can be taken orally, but are given as an eye drop. Side effects are burning and bitter taste.
  • Alpha Adregernic Argonists decrease the rate of aqueous fluid production and used with other anti-glaucoma drugs. There are reports of red eyes and dilated pupils.
  • Parasympathomimetics is used for closed angle glaucoma to increase the outflow of aqueous fluid to control intraocular pressure. Side effects are pupil constriction, brow ache, and burning.
  • Epinephrine is used to reduce the rate of aqueous fluid production while also increasing the outflow. Noted side effects are blocked tear ducts, heart palpitation, and increased heart rate.
  • Hypersomics reduce the fluid volume in the eye in emergency situations as a one time use for people with extremely high intraocular pressure.

If eye drops do not work the alternative is surgery. Although surgery may reduce lower intraocular pressure, it will no reverse any vision loss from glaucoma.

  • A Laser Trabeculoplasty is an outpatient procedure to treat open-angle glaucoma. After numbing your eye, a high-energy laser beam is used to open the clogged drainage canals. This allows fluid to drain freely from your eye reducing pressure.
  • Filtering Surgery is performed if all other attempts to treat glaucoma are ineffective. The surgeon cuts a small opening into the sclera, the white of your eye, removing a small piece of tissue at bottom of the cornea. This tissue is the trabeular meshwork. Removal of the trabecular meshwork allows the fluid to drain freely. The surgeon will only perform this on one eye at a time.

Consult the ophthalmologists at our Glaucoma Centers in Stockton, Tracy & Lodi to discuss your treatment options.

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What our Patients Say

‍A few years ago, I decided to have laser eye surgery to correct my lifelong problem with nearsightedness.  Before that I always wore glasses or contacts.  I remember having frequent problems with contacts which would lead to problems with sunglasses or diving masks and the like.  when I chose to have eye surgery, I decided to go with Dr. Narvaez.  As a surgeon myself, I knew of his reputation and we had some patients in common and I was always impressed by his work.  Therefore, the choice was clear to me even though I knew many other Doctors who could do the procedure. After the procedure, I had excellent vision.  I love my new vision and enjoy being glasses and contacts free.  Dr. Narvaez is an excellent surgeon and I highly recommend him.

John Y. Kim, M.D.

Head and Neck Surgeon

What our Patients Say

I endorse my ophthalmologist, Julio Narvaez, MD.I have known him since moving to Loma Linda University in 2010.I was referred to him by a trusted friend and Ophthalmologist and was his patient; he is caring, bright and understood the problem and how I needed to be treated. He explained my options and allowed me to feel I had chosen my treatment while gently steering me the right direction. He was flexible when I asked to have my choice of anesthesia, which was local without sedation. He was not bothered by my continuous alertness during the surgery.

He is a bright and flexible surgeon, who makes excellent personal decisions and keeps perspective in his work and life.I would happily return to him for more care when needed.I endorse him without reservation and am glad to consider him a friend and colleague. Sincerely,

Dean A Hadley, MD Loma Linda University

Associate Professor of Urology, President of the Western Section of the American Urological Society

What our Patients Say

It’s amazing to have new technology nowadays. Previously, I had worn eyeglasses for over 35 years. After having Symfony lenses implanted into both eyes, it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to read almost everything without glasses. All the worries and fears prior to the surgery were for nothing. It’s awesome; my vision is clearer and better!  I’m so grateful to have a very good, knowledgeable, and hardworking team. My experiences with you will forever be in my heart. God is so good. He will always guide me all the way.