Ectropion is a condition in the eyelid that causes the lower lid to turn outward, no longer touching the eye. This leaves the inside of the eyelid exposed and prone to irritation. Causes of ectropion could be muscle weakness, facial paralysis, scars or skin problems, eyelid growths, drug reaction, congenital ectropion, previous surgery, radiation or cosmetic procedure. Ectropion is most common in older adults due to loss of muscle around the eyes.

In a normal eye, the eyelids spread tears evenly keeping your eye lubricated. In the case of ectropion, the tears drain from the section separated from your eye causing irritation, excessive tearing and excessive dryness. A temporary treatment is eye drops but surgery will be necessary. Your surgeon will decide what technique to use depending on the length and location of ectropion.
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