DMEK, or Descemet’s membrane endothelial keratoplasty, is the most advanced form of corneal transplantation for diseases that cause corneal edema or swelling, such as Fuch’s dystrophy, psedophakic corneal edema, and failed previous corneal transplants.  This innovative transplant, not only offers the clearest vision in average than any other corneal transplantation procedure, but also has 1/20th the risk of standard full thickness corneal transplants (PKP or penetrating keratoplasty).  With better vision, and much lower risks of rejection, it is clearly the best choice for patients who are good candidates.  The physicians at Delta Eye have been performing DMEK for many years, and are involved in organizing and teaching courses at national ophthalmology meetings to train other doctors in this advanced  surgical technique.  Please read on the link an ophthalmology article where Dr. Jeffrey Ing was interviewed.

Dr. Jeffrey Ing Discussing DMEK