Premium Lens Options

Delta Eye Medical Group’s Cataract Center offers the most advanced intraocular lens implants (IOL’s) for cataract surgery. These lifestyle or also called premium IOL’s provide patients with the best possible vision without glasses. Many patients that opt for premium IOL’s often never need contacts or glasses after cataract surgery. The premium IOL options include monofocal, multifocal and toric.

Monofocal IOL’s are the standard type of lens used to replace the eye’s natural lens. They provide improved vision at only one distance and are set for either distant vision or near vision.  Most patients will continue to use glasses for either near or distant vision. Monofocal implants bend light rays equally and are covered by medical insurance.

Multifocal IOL’s are often referred to as “Lifestyle Lens Implants” because they can provide excellent vision, often without the need of glasses or contacts. These implants can offer a wide spectrum of vision including near, intermediate and far vision. Often times patients who experience cataracts also suffer from presbyopia, an age related condition where the eye struggles to focus on near objects.  Multifocal IOLs blend medically necessary cataract surgery with refractive surgery and are not completely covered by medical insurance.  Ask your Ophthalmologist with Delta Eye Medical Group if Multifocal IOL’s would be effective for you.

Toric IOL’s are an advanced technology implants that provide astigmatism correction.  Astigmatism occurs when light rays fail to come to a single focus on the retina causing a blurred image.  This deviation from spherical curvature is caused by the cornea, the lens or a combination of both.  Toric implants are either monofocal or multifocal.  Toric IOL’s help to correct the astigmatism when it is created by the cornea.  If the astigmatism is created by the lens, then it is corrected by removing the cataractous lens.  Toric implants blend medical necessary cataract surgery with refractive surgery.

Our Cataract Centers in Stockton, Tracy and Lodi will assess your options with you in the preoperative planning phase and answer all your questions.

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